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Work Order Life Cycle- Access Property Management Group

Hi this is Eddie with Access Property Management. Today we are talking about maintenance, from start to finish or The Work Order Life Cycle.

When I meet a new owner for the first time they have lots of questions, one of the most important is what happens when a work order is put in or a maintenance request is submitted by the tenant?

Step One: Tenant submits a Work Order Online

First off all work orders must be submitted in writing and preferably online. From there they have to fill out the work order form, they then press submit and it goes to us as your property manager and also to you as the owner in real time, so you are always in the loop and always notified about what is going on at your rental.

Step Two: A licensed and insured vendor is dispatched

We then send out a licensed and insured vendor to the work site.  Vendors are chosen based on scope of work, availability and distance to the job.  At this time the vendor will complete the requested work.  If the work is going to cost over $300 then we will notify you and verify that we can move forward with the work.

Step Three: We receive an invoice and add the repair remarks to your Owner Statement

The repair has now been completed. The vendor then emails us an invoice along with all the notes on what they did at the job site. We upload the remarks to your owner statement. When you receive your Owner’s Statement on the tenth of every month, it will note exactly what happened, what the cost was and when the maintenance job was closed out.

Maintenance can be a real headache or it can go very smoothly. We use only licensed, insured and competent vendors to get the job done right the first time. If you have any questions give us a call at 616-301-9450 or

What Makes Us Different? Access Property Management Group | 616-301-9450

Access Property Management Group, What Makes Us Different?

Hi this is Eddie with Access Property Management. Today we are talking about two things that make Access Property Management different from the other Property Management companies.

First thing is Communication. Yes everybody communicates. Does everybody give out their cell phone numbers? NO. All our owners have our cell phone numbers. They call us, they text us, and they email all the time and anytime. That’s what we love. They are always communicating with us and we communicate with them. No one’s left in the dark, no surprises!

The second thing is our Hands-on Property Management style. Our office, which you can view here, has walk-in hours three days a week. The other four days, yes I said four days, we are out driving by properties, taking pictures for owners, and checking on maintenance work. We are checking up on all the things that we have promised you and making sure they are done.

So would you rather your property manager be sitting in front of a computer five days a week or out there looking at your investment?

Please give us a call at 616-301-9450 or

Cost Effective Retro Kitchen Remodel Blog

Cost Effective Retro Kitchen Remodel Blog

Hi this is Eddie with Access Property Management Group. We are going to do a quick two part blog on how to add some value to a kitchen without fully remodeling it and saving some valuable dollars in the meantime.

In our first walk through we have a kitchen that’s still lost in the 50’s and 60’s. You can see by the pink counters and small 4×4 pink plastic tiles that nothing has been done to this kitchen in years.  The room does have lots of nice arches and plenty of cabinet space but it still needs some work to bring it to life.

We will be back in a week to finish this blog and by just adding a couple of dollars without a full remodel we will hopefully make this space look a lot better and it will add some value to this old kitchen.

We are back and done with our retro kitchen remodel. It’s done, it’s been cleaned and we did all the light maintenance items that we wanted to. We have some dark gray paint accents on the walls, new black and grey vinyl checkered floors. We left all the pink counter tops as they cleaned up really well and the original cupboards are looking great.  It gives us that retro look that we wanted without having to rip out the entire kitchen. It’s now a great looking kitchen for minimum dollars.

Call or email us today at 616-301-9450 or or

Michigan Property Taxes Homestead or Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)

Hey everybody, this is Aaron with Access Property Management!

I wanted to talk today about the homestead property tax exemption, formally known as the “principal residence exemption” or PRE. In Michigan, this is a reduction of 18 mills each year on your property taxes for the home that you live in as your principal residence.

Many times when a first time landlord moves out of the home they were living in and decide to lease it they don’t realize that their property taxes are going up by those 18 mills and it’s often missed when they are considering the cost-benefit of doing the rental.

So if you are going to be doing a rental on a property that you’ve been living in make sure you get on the county or city website and get that millage data. When this homestead exemption expires it can increase your annual property taxes anywhere from 30%-50% depending on the municipality and your current millage rates.

If you have any other questions about this please contact us at 616-301-9450 in Grand Rapids or 269-220-6033 in Kalamazoo. You can always reach us on our website at

Grand Rapids Access Property Management Group – Tenant Termination Forms

Grand Rapids Access Property Management Group – Tenant Termination Forms

Hi, this is Eddie with Access Property Management Group. Today we are talking about what to do and what notices to send if your tenants don’t pay. There are two forms that you can send out.

The first one is a “Demand for Possession Nonpayment of Rent.”
This is a 7-day notice that can be sent anytime during the month. In essence the tenant has 7 days to pay or vacate. If the tenant pays within the 7 days they can stay in the unit. After 7 days of non-payment you can file for a court date in your local jurisdiction.

The second notice is a “Notice to Quit Termination of Tenancy.”
This is a 30 day notice that can be sent at anytime if the tenant breaks the lease or you want them gone after a lease has expired. After 30 days if they are not out you can file for a court date.

When filling out these forms always add “and all other occupants” in the “To” box so that it covers everyone in the home whether they are on the lease or not.

Both forms have two pages. One’s for the tenant and one’s for you. Make sure you fill them out correctly, send it off in the mail and hopefully you’ll get paid!

If you have any other questions, give us a call at 616-301-9450 in Grand Rapids or 269-220-6033 or

Thank you

Property Management Cost and Opportunity in Grand Rapids

Property Management costs can be a controversial expense among property owners. Ultimately, the decision to hire a property manager is a personal choice and the reasons which motivate the decision are diverse.

As with many big decisions in real estate investing, there is usually a catalyst moment or a realization which causes someone to seek out a great property manager. My experience has shown me that most of these decisions are made so that the owner can better use their own personal time.

By identifying and acting upon the best use of YOUR time you will quickly improve your quality of life in a number of ways – stress reduction, more moments of happiness, attainment of personal goals – to name just a few. This also has a positive spillover effect on those closest to you.

If you would like to read more about this topic, please read my full blog post here on Bigger Pockets.