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Who Are The Best Property Management Companies in Kalamazoo, MI?(Reviews/Ratings)

Whether you are a first time investor or seasoned in rentals, choosing the best property manager in Kalamazoo can seem daunting without some honest feedback. With a population of over 330,000, the Greater Kalamazoo area offers much to be desired by real estate...

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Who Are The Best Property Management Companies in Grand Rapids, Michigan?

Every year we have more than a hundred investors and home owners inquire into our property management services. Because we provide so much information about property management through our blog and website, they often ask us who some of our competitor property...

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Leasing Rental Property: How Long Does it Take?

This is one of the top questions we get from our clients. In this blog we will discuss leasing rental property, Landlords want to know when the MONEY is going to be coming in! At Access Property Management Group, each one of us are real estate investors. We get it. The shorter vacancy the better. But this questions requires a bit more explanation because the leasing process is vital to the success of your rental property.

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